Emma  Saphira Bielok

Birthday – 5th March 1999 (age 13 in book one)

Star sign – Pisces

Symbol - Fishes

Element – Water

Planet - Neptune

Birthstone – Sapphire, Aquamarine, Jade

Gift: Animal Whisperer


Emma was born in Hertfordshire, but she classes Middlesbrough, in the north east of England, where her parents came from, home.


Emma has long dark hair and takes after her mum in appearance with pale skin, brown eyes and long legs.


She has a passion for horses and rides every weekend. Not only is she a skilled rider she has a talent for archery.


Good traits - Although she can have a sharp tongue (especially towards Robert), she is a passionate loving girl with a sensitive heart and loves her family dearly. She is compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted and imaginative.


Weak traits oversensitive, indecisive, self-pitying, lazy and an escapist.


Another art she possesses is sign language. This developed after her sister, Grace, was left partly deaf from an explosion in Gran’s cellar.


Emma dotes on her little sister Grace, five years her junior. They go everywhere together.


Despite Emma and Robert’s differences she does like him.

Grace Citrine Bielok

Birthday – 21st June 2004 (age 8 in book one)

Star sign – Gemini

Symbol – Twins

Element – Air

Planet – Mercury

Birthstone – Citrine, Moonstone, Pearl

Gift – Photographic Memory


Grace was born two weeks early on one of the family annual trips to Middlesbrough. Her parents and five year old sister Emma were visiting their gran estate. It was when Mum was reading in the library when she went into labour with Grace. Grace was born at Fowesby hall that very afternoon.


Grace, who takes after her father in looks, has curly fair hair, olive skin and blue eyes.


Like Emma she has a passion for horses, but her main love is reading. With her photographic memory she can usually read a book in a day and remember it word for word.


Good traits – Expressive and quick-witted, sociable, communicative and ready for fun. Grace is kind and very patient. She is thoughtful and likes to please people. She is at her happiest when she can divulge lots of important memories and information to anyone that is willing to listen.


Weak traits - Can be very serious, restless and even indecisive.


Grace learnt the art of sign language when she was left partially deaf at the age of four. Four years later, after she returned to Fowesby Hall, her hearing came back completely. It was a magical moment.


Grace dotes on her big sister, five years her senior, and go everywhere together.


She has a soft spot for Tom, as he does her.

Robert Arthur Rozevskis

Birthday – 24th January 1999 (Robert was 13 in book one)

Star sign – Aquarius

Symbol – Water Carrier

Element – Air

Planet – Uranus

Birthstone – Amethyst, Garnet, Moss Agate

Gift – Animal Morpher


Robert was born in Middlesbrough. He’s been living at Fowesby Hall since he was a baby. At first he lived there with both his parents, His mum, Sheila, was the junior cook back then (her boss was Joan) and his dad, Sisyphus, from ancient Antarctica, was a chauffeur. Sheila told Robert that his dad had died when Robert was a baby. When Robert is 15 he finds out the truth about his father (see book three in the series).


Robert sometimes finds it hard to communicate with others and uses sarcasim and humour to compensate, especially when he’s around people he likes, like Emma.


Good traits - truthfulness, Just, Curious, Affectionate Personality, Frank and Imaginative.


Bad traits - Unpredictable, Detachment, Tendency to go off-track, and Inefficiency


He is very close to Herman, the gardener, as Robert usually helps him out around the grounds with different types of laborious jobs. Herman seems to have tucked him under his wing, seeing as he doesn’t have a father-figure to look up to.


Robert is athletically built, and is good at most sports. He has dark, neck length hair with a floppy fringe.


He finds a good friend in Tom, who seems to get his dry sense of humour.

Tom (aka Oo-wanna-know-Tom-Tom Quin)

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